Set design (2012)
Black and white photographs and drawings, sketch material for the film Cinéma

Cinéma is a black and white 16 mm film showing the dancer Rukmini Chatterjee. Via key elements such as gaze and gestures, the film explores issues on the notion of representation. Chatterjee confronts the spectators glare in an active and confrontational manner at the same time as she communicates by the use of clear gestures related to the ancient Indian dance Bharatanatyam. An act of negotiation appears between the dancer and the viewer by the scenic means of the film. The film thus investigates different cultural meeting points - on how the Orient is represented as seen in the Occident, touching upon how we look at "the others". Formally the inspiration is gathered from silent movies and experimental film from the 20th century which, in the same way as in Barathanatyam, is using expressive mimic and body language to visualize emotions and meanings.

View the film at Vimeo: Cinéma